Our story….

Began the day of our wedding!  As the caravan of our wedding party traveled from Shiner, Texas to Bay City, Texas for the wedding, Aaron in the lead vehicle turned on to HWY 59 N by mistake.  Circling around Loop 521, the entire wedding party drove by the former Edna Veterinary Clinic owned by Dr. Joseph Bitter. Aaron abruptly stopped in the middle of the road and declared his interest in seeking contact information on what was then an empty veterinary clinic, claiming to “one day” become the owner of a rural veterinary clinic.  We spent much of days as newlyweds researching Jackson County and obtaining a contact number for Dr. Joe and MaryAnn Bitter.  


In October of 2003, we attended our first Jackson County Youth Fair to introduce ourselves to the community and to announce the opening of the Jackson County Veterinary Clinic, PLLC, a mixed animal rural clinic.  We have fond memories of that fair week, meeting with citizens and community leaders who took personal interests in not only our developing success in the Jackson County community but in our growing family as well.


The Jackson County Veterinary Clinic is an incorporated, multiple doctor practice with eight full-time certified staff members and three student interns.  The clinic serves more than six counties in the crossroads community with clients driving from as far as LaGrange and Rosenburg to seek medical care from the doctors and staff. More than 14 young people have fulfilled mentoring and educational programs with Aaron and Whitney.  Continuing their dedication to ministry with children and youth, Aaron and Whitney created the Paws and Claws Clinic at the Children’s Discovery Museum in Victoria, Texas and continue to serve in multiple community organizations such as Texas 4H.  In 2010, Aaron and Whitney created A Paw’s World LLC, a specialty pet products company specializing in organically formulated merchandise for resale.  Dr. Aaron and Whitney Wilfert have three children currently ages 9,7 and 6.